Prop Maps


Alot of props on utheverse can hold a texture. but if you would like to play around with the maps for those props that you can add your own custom texture to feel free to use on from here more will be posted daily so be sure to check back.

Prop that can hold a texture

Airport Table,,,Awning,,,Barrier Chain,,,Barrier Post,,, Barstool#1 & #4,,,Bed#1,,, Black Metal Table,#2, & #3,,,Black Conference Chair,,,All Blue Booths seats,,,Bottle,,, Brick Wall,,,Candle 1 - 4,,,Canopy Bed,,,Cap,,,Champagne Bottle1,,,Chandelier,,, Chicken-the plate changes,,,Chevy Couch,,,Church Bench,,,Cocktail Glass,,,Coffee Table with Glass Top,,, Coffee Table 3,,,LOL Condoms also,,,DJ Turntable,,,Desk,,,Door,,,Door Frame 1 & 2,,, Door Knob 1 - 4,,,Doorway,,, Double Door,,,Empty Beer glass, and Empty Plate,,,Fancy Table,,, Fever Table,,Floor Vase,, Floor Vase_02,,,Flower Vase,,,Full Beer Glass 1 & 2,,,Generic Box Glass for Coffee Table,,,Glass of Coke,,,all Hookahs,,,Green Door,,,HF and HM Beer Glass,,, HF & HM cokeglass,,,HF & HM Crotch,,,all HF & HM Hair,,,HF & HM NudeDancers,, HF&HM PaperCup,,,HF&HM SerpentGlass,,,all HF&HM shoes,,,HF_Vagina,,,HF&HM Vibrators,,, HF&HM WhineGlass,,,HF&HM skateboard,,,,HF&HM Sunglasses,,,Horse,,, All Jars,,,Leopard Print Booth,, and Chair,,,Lounge Table for Booth only the base though,,, LunaGate,,,Luxury Bed,,,All Mannequin parts,,,Map Board,,,Misc 2Sided Plane,,, Modern Bed1 - 3,,,Moon,,,,Mouse_Pad,,,Mug,,,Neon Light,,,Neon Light Corner,,, Night Candy Stage Flore Red Cylinder,,,Nightclub Chair1 & 2,,,Nightclub Tables all of em,,,PalmTrees,,, Palmtree Chair,,,Palmtree Table,,,Passion Pit Exterior Tube Light,,,Patio Chair,,,Patio Table,,,Piano,,, Both Piano Benches,,,Plane_01,,,Pool table,,,Potted Plant medium,short, and tall,,,RLC Light Bulb,,, Rattan Armchair,,,Rotating Wall and glass,,,Round Table Vase,,,Scale,,,Scarf,,,Serpent Glass,,,Ski_Hat,,, Square Floor Vases,,,Street Clock Face,,,Street Lights,,,String of Lights,,,all Tea items,,,\ Trans_01 Landing Tube,,,Vancouver Bench,,,Vender Cart,,,Wall,,,Wall Doorway,,,Wall Flowers,,, Water Glass,,,Whisky Bottles all of em,,,White Cup,, White Piano,,,Wine bottles all,,,Wine Glass,,, Wood Coffee Table,,,Wooden Bench 1 and 2,,,Zaby Bar_01,,,Zaby's interior partition A...... More Props u can cache,, Animated signs,, long pole,, lambo,, glow balls,, thanks to all,, will keep adding to the list,,,from your responses List of all props u can Attach Animated Texture too Box01,,,CamGirlAlly Light,,Cylinder,, Cylinder_01,,,Mesh Box/Window_01 Clear,,,Mesh Box_01 & 01 Clear Misc Laser_01,,, Sphere_01,,,Trans_01 Tour Screen,,,Water Fall_01,,,animated sign_01,,, Bar (the 1/2 circle one,,,Long Pole