Welcome to Zaby Textures & Things

Zabys are private virtual housing.  Every VIP in Utherverse gets a free Zaby that they can decorate and play with. 


Other people can visit, and they will see some of your pictures, your friends, your profile information, and they can also meet other visitors!This way, you can really be connected to your friends, admirers, and the rest of the community!  But you also have control. 

You can decide who is allowed to visit, and who isn’t.  You can also decide who is allowed to do what. There are many different kinds of Zabys that you can choose from, too, depending on your tastes.  You can even have more than one!



Please note: that any textures you may find here are completely free to use i do not charge a fee. but donations are greatly appreciated so if you decide to use any of them please save to your own host site 



If you need to contact me you can message me on my utherverse profile just click the pic to go directly to my profile

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